Bashar al-Assad will respect the UN resolution

Bogdan U. October 4, 2013 0
Bashar al-Assad will respect the UN resolution

Syria’s president has promised to respect the UN’s 2118 resolution and to collaborate with the international community in order that his country’s chemical weapons to be destroyed.  However, he said that his country will not comply under pressure, but under its own free will. “Of course, we will respect it and our history proves that we have always respected all the treaties that we have signed,” said the Syrian leader.

The leader from Damascus also welcomed the pact between Iran and the United States, but he added that the EU’s role in solving Syrian civil war is insignificant.

In the interview given to the Italian television Rai News 24, President Bashar al-Assad declared that his government approved the Security Council plan. The president has given assurance that Syria’s role is to offer the data and to facilitate UN procedures towards the dismantling of the chemical weapons. The greatest difficulty of the mission to destroy the chemical weapons, said Assad is related to the technical and logistic side. He placed the responsibility of solving this problem to the international community. Until then Syria’s army will protect and secure all the deposits where the arsenal is deposited. However, the Syrian President assured that UN inspectors will benefit from the protection of his regime when the whole process will start.

According to the UN resolution, Syria must submit to an evaluation of its chemical weapons. Subsequently, several Russian-American commissions would oversee the complete destruction of these weapons. Based on the first estimates, Syria has about a thousand tons of chemical munitions.


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