How World War 2 shaped the world

Bogdan U. September 16, 2013 0
How World War 2 shaped the world

A lot of wars had an impact on the world, but WW2 has left some traces that can never be erased. How exactly did WW2 change the world?

The former great powers in the world made way to the newcomers: the United States of America and the Soviet Union (USSR). Although everybody knows that these two powers were allies during WWII, the scenery has changed. The two powers engaged in a competition of power and soon all of this turned into the Cold War.

The Americans helped Japan and Western Europe but they left the Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union. This separation was simply known as the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc. Why didn`t these two great powers show their teeth? The answer is staring right in front of you: both countries had nuclear arms at their disposal so nobody made a direct move, leaving the “war” to turn into a cold one.

This is how the United Nations was created-an international organization promoting communication, cooperation and peace between the member states. The United Nations can be seen as an attempt to avoid a new world war. The Western Europe had a comeback for this international organization: the European Union, an organization that also relies on cooperation and on a common market; an organization that detached itself from the U.N.

WWII has really shaped and changed the world. India and Indonesia have finally become free a few years after the war has ended. Decolonization was at its peak (if you come to think of it, it makes sense now since Italy and Japan have lost their colonies because they have lost the war).

This war had a great impact on women, too. They have worked like men and they realized they can also be moms and have a career at the same time.

The new era also brought a lot of great changes. Advances in medicine were made; scientific discoveries and new technology have helped shape the world, too. The downside is the missiles that were developed and the nuclear age.

The atrocities of war have influenced a lot of people to look for a new start, thus a lot of baby boomers were born.

The communication methods have changed for the better.

The cultural and social spheres have evolved in such a way as to accept black people and women as workforces and they were even allowed to follow a profession. A lot of women and black people have decided to pursue college and get a degree.  Some became doctors, lawyers, writers while others became teachers, engineers, accountants etc. The world gave them more options than before.

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