The Renaissance – Birth of a New World

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The Renaissance – Birth of a New World

The period of renaissance is often referred to as the birth of a new world, where the age of discovery was founded. The era was characterized by a period of cultural and learning development. It started way back in the 15th century in Europe, and lasted until the 17th century.

Woman clothing examples during Renaissance in Italy, XVI-XVII Century

Woman clothing examples during Renaissance in Italy, XVI-XVII Century

Renaissance was said to have started in Florence, Italy, and spread all throughout Europe throughout the years. As a result, the entire continent was positively pulled out from the Middle Ages. While the individuals living in major European cities worked on math, art, and other avenues of learning, there are some who decided to explore and discover the rest of the world.

Renaissance history was generally represented by the blooming of culture. At the same time, it has also marked the beginning of Europe as a major player (because of its expansionist power in world exploration and not only). As a result, the renaissance will always be remembered as the birth of a new world, the age of discovery.

The Renaissance era was also a period of intellectual and creative activity. It was during this time when artists freed away from the limitations set by the Byzantine Art. Throughout the rest of the 15th century, several artists have studied the world in order to enhance their understanding on different subjects such as perspective and anatomy.

It was also during this time when great artists surfaced, one after another. Some of the greatest painters during that time were Pierro della Francesca, an early renaissance painter whose works are featured in different museums and public galleries worldwide. Another painter is Sandro Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, as well as Domenico Ghirlandaio.

How Renaissance Changed the World

The renaissance has been appropriately described as the epitome of the modern world. It was the period when the foundation of modern civilization was formed. With the revival of ancient learning, new scientific core values started to overthrow certain traditional religious beliefs.

People in Europe began to open up to a new objective and rational approach to reality. Most importantly, there was a rediscovery of the importance of the period. The result was the output of the full nature of man.

Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome; Interior painted by Giovanni Paolo Panini.

Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome; Interior painted by Giovanni Paolo Panini.

It can be said that the most impacting contribution of renaissance was the way various important individuals managed to somehow diminish the authoritative power of the Catholic Church through their logical revelations.

The period right before renaissance was characterized as a feudal society, running in an agriculturally based economy, with its base dominated by the Church. However, when the renaissance era entered the picture, there was a gradual national consciousness, as well as political centralization that are heavily based on capitalism and commerce.

Because Italy had the advantage, geographically speaking, it served as the center of commerce that connected the east and the west. Because of this support, there had been a formation of the rich and urban cities. Trading monopolies began to surface, ensuring profitability of manufacturing and trade. However, it was only available and accessible to individuals with sufficient capital.

Whatever happened between the renaissance period and the modern world was already considered part of history. However, people all over the world will always remember that the era was characterized by change; change for the better. Had history skipped renaissance, we wouldn’t have had accepted change the way we do today. Freedom from monopolized thoughts and traditions is one of the best things that this period has offered to the human society.

This article about renaissance highlights certain aspects that made this period known to the world. Indeed, the renaissance era was not just a part of history; it is history, as renaissance changed the world for the better.


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