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After 9/11 the Boston attacks are considered to be the worst terrorist attacks in the history of US. Two bombs exploded during the Boston marathon on the 15th of April 2013 killing three people and injuring 144 others, six of which were in serious condition. The explosions were considered by U.S. authorities as a consequence of a terrorist attack, occurred simultaneously near the finish line of the sporting competition that is held annually in Boston. President Barack Obama vowed that the authorities will catch those responsible for the attack, which took place in a day when thousands of people crowded the streets to see the world-famous race.

The explosions shocked the public, creating a wave of solidarity amongst the international community for the victims recorded in Boston. From the estimates made ​​by Boston’s medical authorities three people were killed, among them a eight year old child. According to the same sources, from the approximately 144 people injured in the explosion, at least ten had their legs amputated, requiring immediate emergency medical care.

The two explosions occurred almost at the same time, near the finish line, at about 50-100 meters from one another, according to Boston police Chief Ed Davis. Shortly after the shocking incident a reaction came from the U.S. President Barack Obama, who said that the persons responsible for these attacks will be undoubtedly brought to justice.

“Me and Michelle are praying for the victims of these events,” said Obama.

The Boston’s air space was partially closed due to the explosions. The authorities have increased security in New York and Washington, DC. The phone networks were temporarily switched off in the city to avoid any explosive device being detonated by a mobile phone.

The blasts produced during the Boston marathon is considered to be a “terrorist attack”, the U.S. authorities announced. A third explosion occurred at the J.F. Kennedy Library in Boston, after about two hours. There was no information about possible casualties in the third incident.

On the 19th of April the first suspect was captured after a long pursuit through the streets of Boston. There were witnessed shooting exchanges and multiple explosions. His name was Tamerlan Tsarnaev. During the pursuit he killed a police officer and wounded several more. He died at the hospital from the wounds produced by the police.

On the following day, the second suspect was captured alive. His name is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He and his deceased brother were the terrorists that planted the bombs during the Boston marathon and created chaos in the American metropolis for 5 days.

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