The Russian Revolution

Bogdan U. September 27, 2013 0
The Russian Revolution

Nobody expected the Russian Revolution.  It came all of a sudden and if you come to think of it, it wasn`t one but two revolutions in 1917. The first revolution took place in February and it managed to overthrow the monarchy and install a Provisional Government. Then comes the month of October, when the second revolution makes the Bolsheviks the rulers of Russia. This is how the first communist country emerged.

       The Bolsheviks had clear ideas and principles. They didn`t like to compromise or to share power with the other parties. So they left the democracy behind and thus dictatorship of the proletariat emerged. After this decision, the civil war broke out. It lasted for two years until 1920.     The civil war was between the Bolsheviks and the anti-Bolsheviks (the reds versus the whites).  The Bolsheviks won the civil war. The Revolution cleared the path for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

      The national minorities that were scattered throughout the entire Russia and that have been oppressed for so long and the peasants from the rural areas started to claim their rights. The peasants took over and redistributed land.

   The revolution has brought another change.  Russia switched to the Gregorian calendar (it used the Julian calendar till the revolution broke out).

   Vladimir Lenin, Felix Dzerhinsky and Joseph Stalin were the most prominent figures of the Russian Revolution.

   The Russian evolution had many consequences. It changed the world since it paved the way for a new way of living, thinking and it brought a new form of leadership. The revolution brought an end to the Czarist regime. The dawn of a new era, the era of the Republic began.

The Russian Revolution influenced the western culture, too. The principles, the idea of government that pertained to Western Europe, democracy-all of these had to be re-evaluated. The revolution was a slap, a worthy opposition of capitalism.

This division was pretty clear to everybody. On the one hand you had a power bloc: the communist bloc that was represented by the Soviet Union, on the other hand you had the U.S and its allies, the anti-Communist bloc. Before the revolution, Russia was under the Czarist monarchy and it was affected by poverty. During the communist years, Russia has quickly turned into one of the world`s greatest powers.

This pattern was adopted and followed by Southeast Asia as well as the Middle East. Influenced by the quick ascension of Russia, other countries have adopted the communist dictatorship, focusing on the proletarians.

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