U.N. – Who is the guardian of the world (duties and actions)

Bogdan U. September 16, 2013 0
U.N. – Who is the guardian of the world (duties and actions)

       This international organization was founded immediately after World War II, in 1945. It replaces the League of Nations and its main aim is to prevent and stop wars between countries. It has a lot of organizations and its noble actions also include a platform for communication between countries. The U.N doesn`t just stick to achieving world peace; the international organization is also interested in the social progress, the economic development, it has well established platforms for all kinds of rights, from human rights to civil rights.

The famous international organization started out with 51 member states; it currently has 193 member states. Among other duties, the U.N also tackles administrative and substantive issues. The duties are assigned to several departments.  The six main departments handle a variety of duties from a deliberative assembly to an economic and social council that tries to help the international economy and the social cooperation and development of the states. There is, of course, a department that only handles issues on security as well as peace. There is the famous International Court of Justice that speaks for itself and other departments that are currently under development.

All the U.N States have crystal clear rights; one of the most important rights is the right to independence. The legal power of each state isn`t influenced by the U.N rules and regulations and each member state is free to choose its own form of government.

When it comes to the actions of every U.N member state, the international law recognizes some interesting aspects. For example, every member state should exercise jurisdiction over its own territory (including the persons living there).

Every country that is part of the U.N has another important duty. There should be no intervention in the internal or external affairs (social, political, economic, religious etc.)of any U.N country if the country itself hasn`t requested any intervention whatsoever. This is a fact recognized by the international law.

Another action of the UN states is the right to self-defense against any armed attack.

An interesting action that the UN states shouldn`t take is the one concerning assistance. Any UN member state shouldn`t give assistance to any other country that is part of the UN, being a clear violation of Article 5. Interesting, no?

  The many duties of the UN member states include the one that states that any member state shouldn’t recognize any territorial acquisition by another state from the UN. Recognizing any territorial acquisition made by another country from the UN is a clear violation of the UN laws.

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