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You often came across websites that presented historic events in a very traditional and old-fashioned way. Not us. You even have read a dozen of articles regarding the worlds’ conflicts written in a cold and biased manner. Not us either.

We took the concept of history conflicts to a whole new level. Writing new and quality articles from the world’s greatest events, we devote ourselves to present the story from different angles, impartial and conclusive.

Creating articles out of facts is easy. Creating perspectives out of stories proves to be challenging. That’s what we are committed to do. Having a clear and open spectrum of ideas, this gives us the opportunity to present the historic events as they really happened.

Why are we different from other websites?

    • Here you will find the latest world conflicts news
    • You will be able to scroll through world top pieces of history
    • Exclusive and easy to access articles just one tap away

History conflicts wants to bring a new perspective over the world’s emblematic events that terrified humanity and changed the course of history.

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